What is The Game Hockey All About

The hockey is a game which is also a family sports in which the two teams play against each other. The goal is using a hockey stick to try to maneuver a ball or puck to your opponent’s goal. The kind of sports like field hockey and ice hockey is also generally considered to a simply hockey.

Various Types of hockey

  • Thefield hockey is similar with other kinds of hockey but the setting of the place is different. The game happens on a field or an open area of green land. It is common to both women and men.
  • Theice hockey is extremely a popular sports in ice. Since it gives a lot of strength and very competitive that people gets the excitement of rushing just to see this game. Spectators get the most attraction of this game.
  • wc2008TheRoller hockey is a typical game that when you come to think of it, it has different kinds of name which will just be the same form of game with various kinds of rules. If you have notice watching in a television, it is quite hard identifying the game since it is so fast that even cameras are having a hard time.
  • The game ofsledge hockey is a form of ice hockey which is just similar with the other types of hockey. The difference is, it is a game where the persons with disabilities are allowed to play and indulge with these games. The players would not matter or have any rules. Everyone can play with disabilities as long as rules are applied and are designed with tremendous success.
  • Lastly, thestreet hockey is a form of game which is also similar with the other forms of hockey, but this game is commonly played on a hard surface with shoes or roller blades and a stick with ball.

The other forms of hockey

  • TheAir hockey played in indoors with a table and a puck where you can also see this on malls or anywhere. It is popular to people who just wants to stay at home and play with their friends because it compose of two players only..
  • Thebeach hockey is played in the street and it is also common.
  • Theball hockey is also a game similar with ice hockey that is played on tournaments.
  • Thebox hockey is also a kind of game where it is played by two players and can be anywhere. It can also be played on your yard or any open space.
  • 52c76122480c5.imageThebroomball this game is also played on ice but it has a different twist which is used of a broom and stick with stone where you will knocked the other stones and out of the circles but it has similar rules of the other types of hockey.
  • Thefloor hockey is obviously played on a flat and smooth with open space surface using your foot. It is actually a fun twist kind of hockey.

This is why many people love to play this game because of the adventure it can provide to the person who plays with it. Now, the players have their own technique and style of playing the game “hockey” to defeat every team that they meet.

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What are The Basic Rules of Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a sport in which the objective is to score more goals than your opponent’s goaltender and to have fun. There are five lines on the ice, two goal lines, two blue lines that separates the offensive or defensive zones from neutral zone and center red line. The red line is not in play when making stretch pass.

Dallas Stars v Los Angeles Kings


There are actually two types of penalties. The minor one and the major one.  The players who will draw penalty will be experiencing to stay inside the penalty box and yes it is quite a twist. Other sports and games are different where you will be giving a warning and would stay back at your team’s corner and wait. While the sports hockey will have to wait inside the penalty box depending 20130922_jla_ss9_255.0on how heavy the penalty he/she have caused. There are actually a lot of different kinds of penalties for the minor penalties that could include hooking, slashing, interference and so much more. While the major penalties has various kinds of definition that includes fighting with the other players or opponent and can also be a hit either on the head or hit from behind the player. It would all be just the same but the consequence of these penalties are quite interesting for you to know. You should be aware of all the penalties for the sports hockey whether or not you are an audience and especially when you have no exemption as a player to know all this stuff. It would help you to gain knowledge more about this game rather than knowing the names of the players itself and you come wondering on why one of your favorite player has sit in the corner for a while and why people are going wild. You do not want your friends to think on why you are acting like you are not fond of the game when you do not even know the penalties.

Players & Equipmentsequipment

For sure you already know that the game hockey consist about six players each team on the ice and it consist of one skater and a goaltender. Do you know what a goaltender is ? A goaltender is the one you can notice standing behind the goal, watching over to the opponent that might hit a goal. A goaltender is very important part of the game. You would think that a goaltender is at ease and would just stand and watch over the ball and will move if the ball is near. Of course, before you will get the position of  a goaltender, you will be experiencing quite hard work and perseverance. If you would want to be a goaltender then you must help yourself in practicing with a professional person that can teach you well and have knowledge to this. You will be needing some important equipment, not only for the sake of attaining the requirements to be a goaltender, but also for your protection. You know how painful it would be if you would fall on an ice.


The sport hockey has a several forms that include ice hockey, field hockey, indoor hockey, and roller hockey. If you are a person who wants to try this kind of sports then reading even the simple or most basic rules of this game is a big help for you to cope up easily. Doing some research is one of the best things you should do for your self.

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The Beginning of the Game Hockey

It is time for you to take a look back at the beginning of hockey. A documented information’s and facts that you need to know with this popular game of hockey. The game hockey starts with simply stick and ball where everyone’s playing, especially during Christmas time because it is where to find a better flat surface of ice. There are actually a lot of cultures going around pre-Christian times including this game. Way back, they use stick and ball with a buffalo shoulder that they have carved to be the blade of their skates. You would be wondering, where would the word hockey comes from ? it is ideally  derive from ‘a shepherd’s crook‘ or ‘tree branch‘ which in french hoquet and in Iroquois hoghee. You can see how simple this game started and evolved throughout the centuries and it’s advancement or evolution has increased in all sort of directions.

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Women & men

When the game of hockey was being introduced to women, it was astonishing as how they are extremely interested to indulge this kind of game. The game of women has expanded throughout different countries unexpectedly. It was surprising how the game hockey has developed spontaneously from the beginning. There are actually a professional carves men who is best in creating sticks for the game. Around 1925, women from Denmark joined and  in 1926 the Dutch men joined until around 1927 the women in Turkey engaged and the Olympics of the Amsterdam Olympics in Germany, Portugal, Poland and India finally joined around 1928. It gives a spark for the innovations and growth for the game.


19th century of hockey

If you are about to search pictures figures from ancient Egypt, you would notice figures with sticks that shows a game within the field. It would have shown that from 2000 BC, hockey existed and been played at the early beginning and it shows how hockey is important. Before the birth of Christ, there are also various kinds of sports which are also similar with the form of game hockey. It McGill_hockey_matchdoes not just exist with some countries but there are several places where you would have notice that this game is very common. There was actually a time where hockey is not just simply a game nor sports but a violence among boys. The stick does not just used for the ball but also to hit it’s opponent so hard in the game and yes, it happened way back.

The game hockey has also a history of its rules. Just like what you have noticed of the history of this game, the official hockey rules have obviously and constantly evolving throughout the years. Try to take a look back at how this game was played in the past. See what it warranted a whistle in the previous generations. This following chronology has began with the extracts from the late 1876 rules that gleaned. Until in 1996, there has been produced a rulebook for domestic use which was used by the other European countries but not Great Britain. The word hockey, it is recorded first from 1773 book by Richard Johnson. Hockey’s belief is that it was mention in a 1363 proclamation of King Edward III of the England which is based on modern translations of the proclamation.


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Informations and Amazing Facts for Hockey

There is a sport that has been around as long as hockey then there are bound to be plenty of interesting fact yet true information, legends and stories surrounded. Does hockey a national game in India? In India, they have won 6 consecutive hockey gold medals at getimage-2028335Olympics between 1928 and 1956, but it  has been a question, if hockey is the country’s national game. Aishwarya Parashar is a 10 year old girl who has grown learning in school books says that hockey is a national game of the country which was the first non-European team to be part of the Indian Hockey federation and in response, the ministry says that hockey is not their country’s national game for the country has no such game that has been notified. The team of India is the most successful team in Olympic history with eight gold, one silver and two bronze medals. It says that hockey is one of the priority disciplines but it is not a national game of the country. Around 1990’s, the performance of the hockey team deteriorated and that the ministry did consider to take away from hockey the status of the national game but it never happened. Mohammed Shahid a former Indian captain and also one of the greatest dribblers the country has produced says that he have played 3 Olympics and has given 14 years to the game and he have always known that hockey is to be a national game.


What you probably did not know about hockey

The players of hockey are on the ice for only one minute shifts and the workouts is one of the most intense in professional sports. The players say that the time on the ice is spent holding their breath. You did not know that they are pushing and shoving so much that they feel they exhale almost the whole time there are on the ice. Actually, the players do not have any time off in the off season like they used to and either. This sport is so demanding that they do everything possible to stay in shape. The players can lose from five to eight pounds just for one game. Most of the loss is water weight but it causes the players to be very conscious of the amount of their fluid intake.Sport___Hockey_Famous_Hockey_player_Patrice_Bergeron_056310_

The goalies actually do not have make it to the bench as much as other players and they can lose as much weight as a forward or defenseman. The goalies began putting water bottles on top of the goals which most people does not know. There are times that the water bottles move when goals are also made and judges and announcers are actually used this more than once to determine if a goal counted or not. This fun facts, weird trivia and wonderful history of the beloved sports of hockey has an astonishing information that may not only entertain you but also sharing this with your fellow friends might impress them as you watch your favorite team that will finally take the ice.


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