What are The Basic Rules of Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a sport in which the objective is to score more goals than your opponent’s goaltender and to have fun. There are five lines on the ice, two goal lines, two blue lines that separates the offensive or defensive zones from neutral zone and center red line. The red line is not in play when making stretch pass.

Dallas Stars v Los Angeles Kings


There are actually two types of penalties. The minor one and the major one.  The players who will draw penalty will be experiencing to stay inside the penalty box and yes it is quite a twist. Other sports and games are different where you will be giving a warning and would stay back at your team’s corner and wait. While the sports hockey will have to wait inside the penalty box depending 20130922_jla_ss9_255.0on how heavy the penalty he/she have caused. There are actually a lot of different kinds of penalties for the minor penalties that could include hooking, slashing, interference and so much more. While the major penalties has various kinds of definition that includes fighting with the other players or opponent and can also be a hit either on the head or hit from behind the player. It would all be just the same but the consequence of these penalties are quite interesting for you to know. You should be aware of all the penalties for the sports hockey whether or not you are an audience and especially when you have no exemption as a player to know all this stuff. It would help you to gain knowledge more about this game rather than knowing the names of the players itself and you come wondering on why one of your favorite player has sit in the corner for a while and why people are going wild. You do not want your friends to think on why you are acting like you are not fond of the game when you do not even know the penalties.

Players & Equipmentsequipment

For sure you already know that the game hockey consist about six players each team on the ice and it consist of one skater and a goaltender. Do you know what a goaltender is ? A goaltender is the one you can notice standing behind the goal, watching over to the opponent that might hit a goal. A goaltender is very important part of the game. You would think that a goaltender is at ease and would just stand and watch over the ball and will move if the ball is near. Of course, before you will get the position of  a goaltender, you will be experiencing quite hard work and perseverance. If you would want to be a goaltender then you must help yourself in practicing with a professional person that can teach you well and have knowledge to this. You will be needing some important equipment, not only for the sake of attaining the requirements to be a goaltender, but also for your protection. You know how painful it would be if you would fall on an ice.


The sport hockey has a several forms that include ice hockey, field hockey, indoor hockey, and roller hockey. If you are a person who wants to try this kind of sports then reading even the simple or most basic rules of this game is a big help for you to cope up easily. Doing some research is one of the best things you should do for your self.

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