The Beginning of the Game Hockey

It is time for you to take a look back at the beginning of hockey. A documented information’s and facts that you need to know with this popular game of hockey. The game hockey starts with simply stick and ball where everyone’s playing, especially during Christmas time because it is where to find a better flat surface of ice. There are actually a lot of cultures going around pre-Christian times including this game. Way back, they use stick and ball with a buffalo shoulder that they have carved to be the blade of their skates. You would be wondering, where would the word hockey comes from ? it is ideally  derive from ‘a shepherd’s crook‘ or ‘tree branch‘ which in french hoquet and in Iroquois hoghee. You can see how simple this game started and evolved throughout the centuries and it’s advancement or evolution has increased in all sort of directions.

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Women & men

When the game of hockey was being introduced to women, it was astonishing as how they are extremely interested to indulge this kind of game. The game of women has expanded throughout different countries unexpectedly. It was surprising how the game hockey has developed spontaneously from the beginning. There are actually a professional carves men who is best in creating sticks for the game. Around 1925, women from Denmark joined and  in 1926 the Dutch men joined until around 1927 the women in Turkey engaged and the Olympics of the Amsterdam Olympics in Germany, Portugal, Poland and India finally joined around 1928. It gives a spark for the innovations and growth for the game.


19th century of hockey

If you are about to search pictures figures from ancient Egypt, you would notice figures with sticks that shows a game within the field. It would have shown that from 2000 BC, hockey existed and been played at the early beginning and it shows how hockey is important. Before the birth of Christ, there are also various kinds of sports which are also similar with the form of game hockey. It McGill_hockey_matchdoes not just exist with some countries but there are several places where you would have notice that this game is very common. There was actually a time where hockey is not just simply a game nor sports but a violence among boys. The stick does not just used for the ball but also to hit it’s opponent so hard in the game and yes, it happened way back.

The game hockey has also a history of its rules. Just like what you have noticed of the history of this game, the official hockey rules have obviously and constantly evolving throughout the years. Try to take a look back at how this game was played in the past. See what it warranted a whistle in the previous generations. This following chronology has began with the extracts from the late 1876 rules that gleaned. Until in 1996, there has been produced a rulebook for domestic use which was used by the other European countries but not Great Britain. The word hockey, it is recorded first from 1773 book by Richard Johnson. Hockey’s belief is that it was mention in a 1363 proclamation of King Edward III of the England which is based on modern translations of the proclamation.


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