What is The Game Hockey All About

The hockey is a game which is also a family sports in which the two teams play against each other. The goal is using a hockey stick to try to maneuver a ball or puck to your opponent’s goal. The kind of sports like field hockey and ice hockey is also generally considered to a simply hockey.

Various Types of hockey

  • Thefield hockey is similar with other kinds of hockey but the setting of the place is different. The game happens on a field or an open area of green land. It is common to both women and men.
  • Theice hockey is extremely a popular sports in ice. Since it gives a lot of strength and very competitive that people gets the excitement of rushing just to see this game. Spectators get the most attraction of this game.
  • wc2008TheRoller hockey is a typical game that when you come to think of it, it has different kinds of name which will just be the same form of game with various kinds of rules. If you have notice watching in a television, it is quite hard identifying the game since it is so fast that even cameras are having a hard time.
  • The game ofsledge hockey is a form of ice hockey which is just similar with the other types of hockey. The difference is, it is a game where the persons with disabilities are allowed to play and indulge with these games. The players would not matter or have any rules. Everyone can play with disabilities as long as rules are applied and are designed with tremendous success.
  • Lastly, thestreet hockey is a form of game which is also similar with the other forms of hockey, but this game is commonly played on a hard surface with shoes or roller blades and a stick with ball.

The other forms of hockey

  • TheAir hockey played in indoors with a table and a puck where you can also see this on malls or anywhere. It is popular to people who just wants to stay at home and play with their friends because it compose of two players only..
  • Thebeach hockey is played in the street and it is also common.
  • Theball hockey is also a game similar with ice hockey that is played on tournaments.
  • Thebox hockey is also a kind of game where it is played by two players and can be anywhere. It can also be played on your yard or any open space.
  • 52c76122480c5.imageThebroomball this game is also played on ice but it has a different twist which is used of a broom and stick with stone where you will knocked the other stones and out of the circles but it has similar rules of the other types of hockey.
  • Thefloor hockey is obviously played on a flat and smooth with open space surface using your foot. It is actually a fun twist kind of hockey.

This is why many people love to play this game because of the adventure it can provide to the person who plays with it. Now, the players have their own technique and style of playing the game “hockey” to defeat every team that they meet.

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