Informations and Amazing Facts for Hockey

There is a sport that has been around as long as hockey then there are bound to be plenty of interesting fact yet true information, legends and stories surrounded. Does hockey a national game in India? In India, they have won 6 consecutive hockey gold medals at getimage-2028335Olympics between 1928 and 1956, but it ┬áhas been a question, if hockey is the country’s national game. Aishwarya Parashar is a 10 year old girl who has grown learning in school books says that hockey is a national game of the country which was the first non-European team to be part of the Indian Hockey federation and in response, the ministry says that hockey is not their country’s national game for the country has no such game that has been notified. The team of India is the most successful team in Olympic history with eight gold, one silver and two bronze medals. It says that hockey is one of the priority disciplines but it is not a national game of the country. Around 1990’s, the performance of the hockey team deteriorated and that the ministry did consider to take away from hockey the status of the national game but it never happened. Mohammed Shahid a former Indian captain and also one of the greatest dribblers the country has produced says that he have played 3 Olympics and has given 14 years to the game and he have always known that hockey is to be a national game.


What you probably did not know about hockey

The players of hockey are on the ice for only one minute shifts and the workouts is one of the most intense in professional sports. The players say that the time on the ice is spent holding their breath. You did not know that they are pushing and shoving so much that they feel they exhale almost the whole time there are on the ice. Actually, the players do not have any time off in the off season like they used to and either. This sport is so demanding that they do everything possible to stay in shape. The players can lose from five to eight pounds just for one game. Most of the loss is water weight but it causes the players to be very conscious of the amount of their fluid intake.Sport___Hockey_Famous_Hockey_player_Patrice_Bergeron_056310_

The goalies actually do not have make it to the bench as much as other players and they can lose as much weight as a forward or defenseman. The goalies began putting water bottles on top of the goals which most people does not know. There are times that the water bottles move when goals are also made and judges and announcers are actually used this more than once to determine if a goal counted or not. This fun facts, weird trivia and wonderful history of the beloved sports of hockey has an astonishing information that may not only entertain you but also sharing this with your fellow friends might impress them as you watch your favorite team that will finally take the ice.